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November 2020 Preston Report for Edmond Real Estate

November had it's highest month ever, like most months this year. 90 more than last year for an increase of 28% to 412 transactions. That brings Year to date to 5053 closed deals. 673 more than last years 4380. an increase of 15%. We are on November numbers and already have the highest increase in number of sales in the 22 years I have done this report, and we still have December to add to the mix. 15% is not the biggest increase, that goes to 2012 with 19%, but we still have a month to do it. The big difference is 2012 which had the second highest total closings increase with exactly 600, was a come back year. Those increases only brought us back to 2007 numbers after the mortgage bust of 2008. This year's increase is being compared to the record setting year of 2019. Which blows the mind. 

In November we have passed the 5000 mark for closed deals for the first time, and also for the first time surpassed the 1.5 billion dollar closed volume. with over 1.6. Average and median price records will be broke this year as well. Unlike some of the records of the past, that barely beat or 100 or 200 more deals, we are flying past last years numbers. Even the only number going down is doing so at break neck speeds. That is Active homes on the market. For those who have not read earlier reports this year, we have not been below 1000 listings for any month in 22 years until this year. and this month they fell below 600 to 579 at time of the report search. 

Again we have more total pending contracts waiting to close than homes left available to buy for current buyers. Most of these are under $400,000, The prices above that there are still more active listings than pending contracts. But even these price ranges are having huge pending numbers and closings. Setting records in all price ranges and bringing down the absorption rate in all price ranges. You get down in the lower price ranges and the absorption rate is in days not months. Even new homes under $200,000 the absorption rate is one week. There is not a new home price range with a rate higher than 5 months and most are around 2.5 months. I do not know a builder who can get one done that quick. Even the seven figured homes are booming. With over 50 closed for the first time and absorption rates I can actually put on the chart. With the total market at 10.25 months and new homes at 2.6 months. Unlike the 2.5 and 5 years we were seeing just a few years ago.

Things are so busy, data is being entered later than should be. We had an additional seven closing prior to November enter in December, even one back in March. 
May you enjoy your Holidays and I can not wait to see 2020's final numbers.

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October 2020 Preston Report

What a year for Real Estate in Edmond. it is mind blowing at times and in so many ways. And also why I ma so late getting October's numbers out.
October had 576 closed transactions. That is 142 more than last October an increase of 36.58%. That brings our year to date totals up to 4634 closed deals. That is 576 more than this time last year for an increase of 14.2%. Huge increases, and last year was record setting high year. Before this year, we have only had two months with more than 500 closings, and that was May and July last year. We just had five in a row and even into October, when we are usually slowing down.

We have also already broken highest dollar volume of closed sales in October. Passing last years year end total with 1.47 Billion closed. We will also hit the 5000 mark for closed transactions for the first time in 2020. We are just 366 away with 650 under contract. Million dollar plus homes hit some highs too. with the first time with over 50 sales and we did that by October. Active listings keep dropping, with this month dropping below 700 to 641. Another first, we had not been below a 1000 before this year. 

Absorption rates down across the board, the bottom two price ranges have no rate because they have no active listings. others are only a week to a few months. If you have heard me speak on this report in the past, you heard me explain that i do not put the over million dollar absorption rates on the chart, because it would be like a telephone pole and the other price ranges like grass and you could not read the rest. Back when new home million dollar homes were a 5 year absorption. This month it is just under two months!

It has been such a ride this year, low interest rates, people have time to move or maybe after locked up in there houses hey have decided they need something different or more to make it work. Who knows how long this will go.

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September 2020 Preston Report

The upward trend is still rolling.
September saw a high of up 47.29% over last last September. with 175 more closings that last year.
That brings year to date sales up 11.73% with 431 more closings through September.
Pending contracts are up 52% from last year and active listings are down 42%. So actually about the same number of houses coming on the market but they are just selling that quick.
Inventory is hard to find in some price ranges and almost impossible in a few.
Absorption rates are at all time lows some are measured in days when a few years ago they were all measured by months. Even over a Million dollar homes are almost down to a year were they use to range 2 to 3 years. New Homes are enjoying a huge rebound after the down years since 2014. and the big ones are having the best year ever. with an absorption rate better that then the existing market.
With the pending contracts we should make a new record of 5000 homes sold in a year for 2020. 
We only need 611 more closing in the last quarter to beat last years record, we have more than that already under contract. If they all close.
Looking back we need to thank state and local leaders that said real estate was an essential business. Of course the old saying of essentials "food and shelter". Pennsylvania, did not and completely shut down the real estate industry. I wonder where we would be this record year if We had done that here. 

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August 2020 Preston Report

What a year it is turning out to be for Edmond Real Estate. Back in April amid the shut down, I did not see this as our future for 2020. Low interest rates and maybe the fact that instead of traveling and vacations, people have time to fix up their homes and/or time to move.
August was a record setting august with 589 closed transactions so far. Up 22.9% from last year for 110 more closed transactions. That brings year to date sales to 3554 for 2020. Compared to 3303 for the same time period in 2019, which was a record setting year. that is 251 more closed transactions and an increase of 7.6%. Not bad being we were down the two months of stay at home this year. We are also $104 million dollars ahead in closed sales volume, a 10% increase.
The graphs will show the last four months for pending contracts and three months for closed contracts have far exceeded previous months, for the last six years on graph, and pretty much any time before that. The price range charts will show the increases even in upper price ranges.
Active Listing are at an all time low. Until this year, the record low of active listing was January 2005 with 1051. This January beat that with 1003. and they increased to 1114 in March. For the first time ever in June they dropped below 1000 with 978. In July they dropped to 867 and August to 771. This August we have 529 fewer active listings than last August for a decrease of 40%. and half as many as previous years and 1000 less that 2016. 
Even the upper prices had a great August. With 25% of the year to date sales over $500,000 were in August. We should set a record this with the most homes closed over a million. 
New home sales had been in a slump since 2014, that is over this year. with record setting numbers. 844 Closed transactions through August. Record high pending numbers and record low active listing. The last decade of active new homes we hung around 400 through 2014 that increased and held steady around 600 since 2015 and started dropping back to 400. This month the fell to 296, the lowest mark fir a decade. even the over million dollar homes is setting a record with 10 closed already this year.
It has been a busy time, also why it took so long to get the report out.

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July 2020 Preston Report

What a month, some milestones have been set for July.
First, last year we had our first month with over 500 closed transactions, and a couple more since, including last month. This month, July 2020, we broke the 600 mark with 620 closed Transactions. July was up over last years record setting July by 89 transactions for an increase of 16.7%. Year to date sales thru July are up 135 deals for an increase of 4.7%. We almost broke the $200 million volume in a month. Since I did last months report we have had another 20 closings for June and 3 more for May. I guess they are so busy they can not get data entered on time. 

The second milestone is we are under 900 active listings for the first time in 21 years of this report. 867 Active listings. There are more pending sales and even more closed sales than active listings in every price range from $225,000 and down. Last month was the first time we dropped under a 1000 active homes and it only took one month to drop under 900. Same number of homes coming on the market we are just selling them that fast. Except for the bottom and top price ranges all active listing dropped and one remained the same. 

Pending contracts are down from the month before by 46 from 922 to 876 for July. But that is 304 more than last July, for an increase of 53% from last year, so we are way up for this month. With those numbers we have set our third milestone, for the first time we have for our entire market, and not just a price range, we have more homes under contract than active Listing to choose from. 

New homes have had a couple great months. July had 141 closed deals which is 39.6% more than last year with 40 more deals. When I did June's report last month there were 130 closed deals. Well, those 20 closed deals added since last month I mentioned, 18 of them were new homes. So the current total for June is 148, up 40.9% from last June with 43 more deals than last year. 

Lets hope this keeps up

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June 2020 Preston Report

This months reports have a bunch of firsts. June 2020 was an all time high for the number of closings in a single month with 549. We have hit five hundred only twice before, both times last year. This has put this year 23 transactions over last years record setting pace. With 2316 closed deals compared to last years 2293. 1% increase, but all we have been through to be ahead of last year at all is a blessing. 
Another first is we are over 900 pending contracts for the first time ever. There are 922 contracts waiting to close. Last month's record did not last long. Another first is that for the first time in 21 years of doing this report we have under 1000 active listings in Edmond with 978 active homes on the market. We have almost as many home under contract as we do available properties to buy. if they all close we would have a one absorption rate. Even with the current closings we have under a two month absorption rate.
New Homes had a great month and the upper price ranges have come back from the Covid slump.

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May 2020 Preston Report


We have just had the most pending contracts at one time for Edmond, 886. This coming during Covid-19, or right after opening up. That is 191 more than we had this time last year, a 27.4% increase. And 142 more than we had last month which is an increase of 19%. So the pending contracts during the three months of Covid, were down 20.9 the first month, down 6.9% the second month and up 27.4% the third month compared to the same months last year. We can have a better rebound than what we had fall from this. Unless a second round comes about.

Closed sales are lagging behind the pendings of course. May was not a good closing Month, with 397 closed transactions as of now for May. compared to 512 last year. I say "as of now" because i was trying to get this out early this month and more closing were added between Wednesday last week and Friday, and even more between Friday and Wednesday of this week. Making me run the numbers and redoing the report three times to make it as accurate as possible. Get your data entered on time!!! So we may still have some more sales waiting to be entered.  But May was down 22.5% from last year.  So the closings for the same three months of Covid was up 9.7% the first month, down 6.4% the second month and down 22.5% the third month. we should see good numbers next month with the number of pending contracts we are at now unless they have 45 plus day closings. 

We started off ahead of last years record setting year for the first three months of the year and even with the down turn of the last couple of months, we are only down 2.5% in year to date sales through May. and that is off a record setting year.

Active inventory is down about 50 overall, and most of that is in lower price ranges under $400,000. We even have more pending homes than active listings in the two price ranges between $200,000 and $250,000 which I think is a first time in those ranges. Even the $300,000 to $350,000 almost passed those numbers with 123 active listing and another 120 homes with pending contracts. The active listing price ranges above $450,000 grew. but so did Pending contracts. This is reflected in the absorption rates for the different price ranges. Every price range dropped under $450,000 and the four above went up. The top tow above $700,000 jump by three months, with closing down and inventory up in the last 30 days.

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April 2020 Preston Report for the Edmond market

It not take as long as I thought to rebound. Last month Pending contracts were down 20% from last year. This month we are only down 6.9% from last year, 744 compared to 799 last year. Last year was a record setting year too. We are ahead of the previous four years in contracts pending for this time of year. April was down 8.4% in closed sales from last April, with 34 fewer closing than last April. Not bad at all being the situation we face this year and that we were down 20% in contracts.
Inventory is down as well. especially in the lower price ranges. There are only six active listings under $150,000 at the time of this report. None in the $100,000 to $125,000 price range. All absorption rates under $200,000 is less that one month and most are just days to two weeks. 

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March 2020 Preston Report for the Edmond Real Estate Market

March was another good Month with 415 closed transactions, the best for years. Up 35 from last March. We are 93 transaction ahead of last years Year to date sales through March. up 10.4% from last years record setting year. But as you suspect, the trend will not go on. With the stay at home policy for Covid-19 our pending contracts are down. But they are not as bad as i would have thought. 594 pending contracts at this time. that is down 131 contracts from last month and down 157 from last March. but only down 29 from 2018. People are still out buying, but in a very different way. I missed my first closing in 32 years, because only buyer and sellers were allowed in he building. I had to wait in parking lot if there was a problem, and did not even go to my last one. When we are able to get back out full steam, we should see some big numbers, i have people waiting to buy and put their homes up for sale until this passes. 

New homes pending contracts are down about the same amount. from 253 in February to 200 in March. one good thing is we all should be catching upon paperwork. there were 13 new closings for January and February that were not there when i searched last month. Guess they had time to enter them. All new homes but one. Everyone stay safe and hope this comes to an end soon. And when it does make sure you have your running shoes on because we will be busy.

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February 2020 Preston Report

February 2020 was up 10% from last years record numbers and an increase of 8% for year to date sales. So we started off great for 2020.

It will be interesting to see what the next few months will bring with everyone following the precautions for the Coronavirus. I have had many calls and emails asking me what the numbers are because of it. We will not see how that effects us until April or even May. March should still be good for closing because they were under contract in Early February or most in January, having a 30 to 45 day average closing time. Pending contracts are up right now, Listings are up so not that many have taken their homes off the market so far. Next month will give a better picture of how this effects the real estate market. Could be a total shut down, depending on some actions that have been talked about. Hopefully this will not take long. Everyone take care and be safe.

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